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Second Baptist Church Second Baptist Church

Photo Gallery: Picture Depository Photo Gallery: Picture Depository

Picture Depository
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Sister Bri having fun
Viewed 963 times
The Harris', and Pastor Wilson
Viewed 800 times
Minister Carter, Deacon Springer, and Deacon Barnes did'nt leave even a crumb.
Viewed 724 times
Sister Natasha
Viewed 706 times
Sister Natasha, and Brother Emmanuel
Viewed 678 times
Viewed 649 times
Minister Wood, and Daughter
Viewed 653 times
Pastor lookin serious
Viewed 667 times
Sister Henderson, and The Wood Children
Viewed 646 times
Minister Wood bringing The Message
Viewed 620 times
Saints in Prayer
Viewed 663 times
Deacon Springer, Deaconess Barnes, and Nurse Brown
Viewed 626 times
Pastor enjoying Message
Viewed 640 times
Minister Wood
Viewed 640 times
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